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A Fresh Start For Your Home

A new year brings new possibilities – new hope and aspirations to the table.  While we may focus on self-improvement, keeping our home in great shape goes a long way for our mental and emotional health as well.  Home improvement is important not simply so we feel more comfortable in our environment but to keep critical systems functioning well so we are not overwhelmed with damage and socked with large repair bills.  Just like us, our homes need a little maintenance to stay running the best they can.

One of the biggest components of protecting our homes is windows and siding.  Siding is crucial to keeping extreme elements at bay and protecting the structure of your home from water and pest damage.  Water damage can cause harmful mold and mildew growth in the walls.  This growth can cause health issues and weaken the very structure of your home, leading to extensive and, depending on the degree of damage, expensive repairs.

Your windows function in a very similar way – they keep out harmful elements and stop water from causing damage to the interior and structure of your home.

Both siding and windows also help your HVAC system to run more efficiently.  When your windows and siding are newer or functioning well, it helps regulate the temperature better inside your home which means your HVAC system doesn’t have to work so hard and you save money on energy costs.  Your family can enjoy a better environment without causing strain to other critical systems.

If your siding and windows are older or have sustained damage from weather or accidents, they are not functioning as well as they should be which can create a large headache for you down the road.  The less they perform to their capacity, the more money you leak into energy bills and the higher risk of damage occurring to your home.  Newer windows and siding also happen to create a more beautiful look for your home, which increases curb appeal and overall value for your home.

Not sure if your windows and siding are ready to be replaced?  Here are some warning signs they are failing, at risk or simply outdated…

  • holes, shifting and warping of your current siding
  • gaps or cracks in your window frames
  • you notice drafts or air flowing freely around your window
  • it’s hard to open or close your windows correctly
  • cracking, peeling and water damage to your siding
  • increased energy bills
  • too much maintenance (newer siding offers less maintenance options like vinyl)

If you notice any of these issues, it’s a good indicator that you need to replace your siding, windows or both.  You may simply be tired of the maintenance necessary to maintain older siding or perhaps you want a fresh look for your home.  Whatever the reason, your local siding experts can help.  Offering high quality products and a wide array of options, you can schedule a free consultation and find the perfect fit for your home.  No matter your budget, needs or design preferences, there are amazing choices to protect your home and have it looking sharp in the new year!



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