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To Keep Vinyl Siding In Great Shape, Keep Your Grill Away From Exterior Walls, Check For Gray, White Or Black Spots And Watch Out For Insect Damage!

Our Burbank Siding Experts have these great tips for keeping your vinyl siding in fantastic shape for years to come!

Summer may bring forth a lot of great memories and fun adventures but one of the biggest activities is grilling outdoors.  Nothing beats the taste of food slowly cooked in the great outdoors!  While you may enjoy some fantastic feasts and good company, you may not pay attention to where your grill is placed.  If you have it too close to an exterior wall of your home, take caution.  The intense heat from a standard grill can cause vinyl siding to melt.  To avoid this damage, be mindful to pull your grill a few feet away or not have it installed too closely to your home’s siding.

A great way to spot water damage is by observing white, gray or black spots on your siding.  This is a physical sign of mold and/or mildew creeping around your structure.  Water damage is pretty insidious because you usually can’t tell there is an issue until it has already spread.  When you notice such spots on your siding, contact your siding professional immediately so they can either power wash the mold or replace a damaged section as soon as possible and minimize the spread.

It’s very rare that vinyl siding falls prey to insect infestation but it can happen.  You may notice damage to the siding or simply stumble upon it by conducting an easy test.  To test for termite damage, take the tip of a screwdriver and gently push against your vinyl siding.  If the tip of your screwdriver easily pushes right into/through the material, chances are you have an insect problem.  If you suspect insects, such as termites, contact a professional pest extermination company to be rid of them.  Once the bugs are gone, have your Burbank siding expert replace damaged siding to eliminate the risk of water seeping into the damage and creating a bigger problem.


With nearly 20 years installing, repairing and maintaining siding in Burbank and the Chicagoland area, we strive to deliver amazing service using high-quality products to each of our clients.  To find out how we can help you, give Cousins Construction a call today at 773.294.7859.  No matter what you are hoping to achieve, we have you covered!

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