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Siding Tip 15
To Prepare For Winter, Check The Weep Holes In Your Siding To Make Sure They Are Not Clogged And Check For Gaps Between Siding And Other Material That May Need To Be Caulked.

Most siding, especially vinyl, requires little maintenance each year.  By walking the exterior of your home and visually checking the condition of your siding, you can prevent issues from taking root.  As winter begins to descend upon us, you should inspect your siding for damage – animals, nature, etc. – to ensure there are no possibilities for moisture to seep in and wreak havoc.   Holes, cracks and gaps will cause major problems down the line.

All siding nowadays comes with weep holes built in.  These spaces, or holes, allow moisture to escape and not build up behind the siding.  When moisture builds up behind siding, it can lead to mold and mildew growth which weakens the structure of your home and can cause severe health, specifically respiratory, issues.  Walk around your home and look at the siding weep holes to make sure they are clear of debris.  If they are clogged, take a stiff wire and clear the obstruction.

Also, check for gaps in your siding where it intersects or meets other material, such as flues, brick, etc.  If you notice gaps, an exterior-grade caulk is perfect for sealing such openings.  This is a fairly simple and inexpensive way to keep your siding in great shape.

The most important tool you have to protect and keep your siding in great shape is observation.  Keeping an eye out for trouble and inspecting the condition of your siding each season and after severe weather is a great way to avoid costly repair bills.


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