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Chicago Siding Tip 10
When It Comes To Summer Siding Cleaning, Work In Sections And Remember To Scrub From The Bottom Up And Rinse From The Top Down!

Summer is a time of fun with family and friends in the great outdoors but your siding may feel differently.  The hotter months bring with it layers of dust and pollen that can muck up your beautiful home siding.  In order to keep your home looking great, a summer cleaning may be in order.

When it comes to siding cleaning be sure to work in sections.  It makes it easier to attack all areas and allows you to get the cleaner off of the siding before it dries.  Your sections should consist of an area roughly 10 feet high and 7 feet wide.  Fiber cement and wood siding require different methods of cleaning so know what is on your home and if DIY is the best course for you.  For most other siding, especially vinyl, a simple cleaning will suffice.

Be cautious with the cleaner you choose to use.  Double-check with a professional on which cleaner is not only safe to use on your siding but is also fine for plants and soil around your house.  Grab a scrub brush and bucket to clean and rinse using a hose.  Try to avoid using a pressure washer if possible because it can blow water behind the materials or knock sections loose causing them to be compromised.  To avoid dust streaks on your siding and keep your windows neat, scrub from the bottom up and gently rinse from the top down.

Taking the time to clean your siding will not only keep it free of grime, pollen and dust but gives you an opportunity to check for cracks, peeling or any other issues that could sprout into major problems down the line.  If you don’t feel comfortable handling a siding cleaning project on your own, you can always contact professionals to handle it.  These scrub experts will have the right cleaners for your siding and the appropriate tools to avoid causing damage.



When you are ready to update the look of your Chicago home or need help with maintenance, give Cousins Construction a call today at 773.294.7859.  No matter what you are hoping to achieve, we have you covered!

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