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Use Specialty Hooks When Hanging Decor Or Lights And NEVER Put Holes Into Your Vinyl Siding With Nails, Tacks Or Cup Hooks.

With major holidays around the bend, this is a festive time of year to decorate your home.  Many folks are excited to hang Christmas lights on the outside of their home to spread the joy of the season and contribute to beloved tradition.  While it may be cheaper to install cup hooks, nails or tacks around the exterior of your home, you are creating a problem that could lead to costly repairs.

If you can only take one thing from this article, remember to NEVER put holes in your vinyl siding.

This is key because holes allow moisture to get in and wreak havoc on your home’s structure.  It lessens the effectiveness of your siding and can often void warranties that you rely on for repairs or maintenance.  When it comes to hanging decor on your vinyl siding, consider these options:

Vinyl Siding Hooks – These specialty hooks are inserted under the bottom edge of the siding piece and allow you to string lights without marring or causing damage to the siding itself.

Exterior/Siding Adhesive Hooks – This type of hook works best by first cleaning the surface it will be using with a moist cloth and all purpose cleanser.  Make sure the area is dry before placing the hook.

Many hooks have catches/flaps to hold the lights even in the most foul of weather.  If you are using hooks without this feature, simply use a zip, or cable, tie to secure the lights to your hook.  You can even use string, twine or twist ties.  Using these tips will not only keep your structure secure but bring you peace of mind during harsh weather.



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