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Instead Of Going Stir-Crazy During Such Times, You Can Check The Structure Of Your Home And Plan On How To Protect It Better Against Harsh Weather.

During this delicate time some folks are staying indoors in an effort to help quell fears and ensure containment of certain viruses.  While staying inside might seem like a great time to catch up on sleep or that latest Netflix show, a person can become bored quite easily.  One thing you can do to pass the time is ensure the structure of your home is truly protected from weather and water.

The most important thing you can do is search for drafts.  This is a good indicator that there isn’t adequate protection for your home.  Many drafts, such as around doors, windows or outlets can be fixed easily by using caulk or foam to seal cracks.  Sometimes, it simply means that you don’t have enough attic insulation.  For cases of extreme drafts, you may need to replace those windows or doors when the weather lightens up.  Keeping drafts out will go a long way in ensuring the comfort level of your home atmosphere and help keep energy bills low.  Check out our guide, How Do You Know If You Need New Windows to determine if you have a significant problem.

Another thing you should do is inspect for water damage.  Peeling paint, sagging wallpaper and water spots are great indicators that moisture is building up between the siding and framework of your home.  This could mean you need a simple repair to that portion of your siding or you may need to replace your existing siding.  When things get back to normal, contact a siding professional to examine your home’s exterior and give you a thorough explanation of possible damages and/or solutions.

Believe it or not, there are many, many choices for home exterior protection.  From vinyl, Hardie, LP and insulated siding to colors, shapes and more, there are many options to consider.  This would be a great time to consult with your local siding contractor and have them send you information via email or on their site.  By gathering research on what your options are and what you might like, you can reduce the stress of having to choose when it comes time to replacing the siding.  Take a quick peek at our guide, What Kind Of Siding Is Best For My House, and spend the time exploring options available to you and your home.  A great idea is to write down any and all questions you may have so you can ask your local siding company and get all of the information you need to make the best choice.

By keeping your mind occupied and making the most out of this current situation, you can accomplish much-needed tasks and be properly prepared for home repair projects in the near future.


Check out How To Know If You Need New Siding!


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