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Chicago Window Installation

Do you know what makes a great window installation?

Luckily, we do!  Cousins Construction has proudly served the Chicago area for over 15 years, providing more than exceptional siding.  Our team of professionals understand that it takes a reliable company and industry-leading materials to create the correct window installation for your home, office, retail space, etc.  We only supply top-rated windows at prices our customers can afford.  Whether it’s window replacement or new installation, our Chicago window experts have you covered!

Windows We Install:

Hooper Window – These windows open inwards from the top and can usually be found in basements.

Casement Window – A casement window has hinges on one side to open either inward or outward.

Sliding Window –  These windows slide open horizontally, often overlapping other windows.  With a modern feel, these are perfect options for those rooms overlooking patios.

Awning Window – Awnings open outward from the bottom, resembling the shape an outstretched awning takes.

Picture Window – These windows are large and showcase the beauty of the outdoors.

Bay/Bow Window – They protrude from the exterior of your home creating an extension of space.

Double Hung Window – The most common type of window, a double hung consists of a top and bottom section that can move up and down in the frame.

Garden Window – These windows protrude from the exterior of a home and allow sun to filter in from the top and sides.  This is perfect for nursing a small herb garden or potted flowers and plants.

Energy Efficient Window – Installing these can keep heat and cool air in your home so you don’t overuse your systems and run up costly utility bills.


The entire process of window installation can be a complex process.  Not just any window will do, instead you need to find the perfect windows that fit your frames.  Chicago window installation is a breeze with our efficient, professional services.  Each of our customers has unique needs and we strive to meet and exceed those expectations.  If you have any questions about our window installation and replacement services, feel free to CONTACT US!


Not sure if we can handle your custom window installation?  Just ask – we’ve worked with it all!

When you are ready to update the look of your home or increase your value, give Cousins Construction a call today.  No matter what you are hoping to achieve, we have you covered!

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