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Dont Void Your Siding Warranty

Warranties can be a handy thing for many homeowners, especially when it comes to exterior siding.  A warranty can fix damage with little or no cost out of your pocket and you can have repairs conducted fairly quickly.  This is essential for home siding because leaving damage can allow moisture to build up inside your home’s structure and cause mold and mildew infestation and pest infestation, which can weaken walls or supports.  Damaged siding can also cause your energy bills to skyrocket because drafts are not only allowing precious energy to leak out but causing you to keep raising your home’s temp.

Keep in mind that not all warranties are created equal.  They can offer many features on what they cover and can last for different time frames.  For instance, vinyl siding warranties are typically seen at 50 years and Lifetime terms.  Warranties can also offer different features such as covering the labor as well.  It is VERY important that you read all of the fine print before you sign a warranty so you understand what it covers and what rules or maintenance you must follow to keep the warranty active.

When it comes to siding warranties, you are likely to see two types.

Manufacturer Warranties – These warranties are from the company that makes the particular siding you choose.  They come with different features and time spans but often cover defective siding and a wide variety of damage issues.

PRO TIP:  Something to find out about your manufacturer’s warranty is if it’s Pro-Rated.  This means, as the siding ages, they will cover less of the costs.  For instance, 100% of replacement costs might be covered in year one but by year three they may only cover 80%.  This is important to know because your investment is not truly protected over time.

Another thing to consider is, if you end up selling your home, you are able to transfer the siding warranty to the new homeowner or if it voids once it’s sold or transferred.  Being able to pass along a siding warranty might be a great perk to sweeten the pot when selling your home.

Workmanship Warranties – These warranties are supplied by the company installing the siding.  This ensures the quality of their work and covers work and labor issues.  Not every siding contractor offers them so be sure to ask prior to selecting a company.

When it comes to keeping your warranty active and avoid voiding it, follow the express written instructions in the warranty papers you received or contact your manufacturer directly for clarification.  If it’s a workmanship warranty you have questions on, speak with your siding installation company.

While every siding warranty may be different, here are a few standard mistakes that can void it:

  • improper installation
  • not using a manufacturer approved contractor to fix siding
  • fixing siding yourself
  • painting vinyl siding
  • poor maintenance habits

While there are definitely more issues that can cause a manufacturer to void your siding warranty, these are a few of the most common ones homeowners bump into.  Avoid creating a situation where your warranty is at risk by thoroughly reading the warranty and asking questions for better understanding.

Be aware of who is backing the warranty.  Make sure a reputable company is standing behind their products and services, one dedicated to customer service and satisfaction.  A warranty without a good company backing it is, quite frankly, not worth the paper it is printed on.



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