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Energy Efficient Products Save Money

When something is energy efficient it uses less electricity, gas or other elements to run and perform its function.  With a global shift in what we use and how it can save our planet or keep money in our pocket, more and more energy efficient appliances or items are being created and installed.  What kind of product you choose will depend greatly on what you hope to accomplish, your budget and what’s available but what does this mean for your siding and windows?

It’s important to realize that siding isn’t so much energy-efficient as the exterior walls of your home.  What keeps your home warm/cool without spending so much on energy bills is a combination of the siding you choose and how you’ve protected your walls.  Investing in quality house wrap and rigid foam insulation help keep your heat or air inside where it belongs, costing you less because you can maintain a comfortable environment in your home.

Siding is measured in R-value.  This means that the higher the R value of your material, the more energy efficient it is and the better it is at insulating.  The region you are located will play a major factor in what you choose as well.  For instance, in the South, air circulation is more important than insulation so lower R ratings may be chosen but in the North, where it’s cold and the elements are harsh, a higher R rating might be better.  Wood siding has better efficiency than aluminum, steel or vinyl but remember that you aren’t relying simply on this material.  For maximum protection and efficiency, you should be using siding WITH housewrap and/or foam insulation.   They will work together to reduce condensation and moisture inside your walls.

One of the most important products to maintain home efficiency are your windows.  Windows are holes in your home and allow for air or elements to sneak inside.  By properly maintaining your windows and replacing them when they are old and function far less, you can keep your energy bills reasonable and stop harmful moisture from getting into your walls and causing a mold problem.  There are many styles, brands and types of energy saving windows so consult your local window installation company for all options available to you.

A great benefit of using energy efficient materials on your home, aside from the huge savings well-functioning materials can bring you,  is that you can take advantage of a tax credit from the Department of Energy.  As long as your sheathing meets the program’s R value requirement, you can qualify for this perk.

Energy efficient is the way to go.  Your local siding and window installation company can help you determine the appropriate materials, style and color for your home.  Saving money, keeping your family comfortable and protecting your home structure in great shape are all vital reasons to invest in energy-saving materials!

If you have any questions about siding installation and repair or what options are best for your home, please contact Cousins Construction at 773.294.7859 today.  From everyone here, please wash your hands, practice social distancing and stay safe!

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