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Halloween Siding Tip 14
Avoid Damaging Vinyl Siding When Hanging Halloween Decor By Using Double-Sided Tape, Brick Clips, Vinyl Siding Clips Or Suction Cups!

With Halloween a mere few weeks away, many homeowners are celebrating the season by decking out their house and yard with spooky decor.  The only question is how do you hang Halloween decorations on vinyl siding without damaging it?

  • Double-Sided Tape – This might be a great option for light-weight decor.  Make sure you purchase the tape that can hold at least 5 pounds.  Before using, clean the area of siding you will be sticking it to and let it dry.  Having a clean area for the tape will give it a better hold.  A great thing about this tape is that, unlike duct tape, it won’t leave behind sticky residue or pull off colors and material.
  • Brick Clips – Perfect for brick exteriors, these clips have a hook shape at the top and tension strip at the bottom that ensure a tight fit without the need for drilling.  They come in brass or bronze and can carry more weight than double-sided tape.  Some homeowners even use them on vinyl siding but take care with this because you may end up damaging the material by trying to wedge brick clips in between siding gaps.
  • Vinyl Siding Clips – Specifically made FOR vinyl siding, these clips work on nearly all traditional lap siding, including fiber cement.  They come in J shapes and are built to wiggle easily into the gaps between siding.  Take caution not to force installation or removal as this could cause damage to the material and paint – damage that could void your warranty.  These clips can hold light weight decorations or even items such as planters in the non-spooky season.
  • Suction Cups – There are also suction cups made for exterior use.  They come in many different sizes and strengths so be sure to read packaging carefully and allow for the weight of decor and possible shifting in wind.  Before attaching, clean the area of vinyl siding you will stick the suction cup to with soap and water.  Let dry and stick on the cup.  To maximize suction efficiency, wait a day or two before hanging any of your Halloween decor on them.

You should avoid extreme measures such as drilling into your siding because it compromises the integrity of the material and puts your home at risk of water damage.  Duct tape and super glue are STRONGLY discouraged because they can rip material and paint away from siding, effectively ruining it and possibly voiding your warranty.  Play it safe, use non-abrasive materials like the double-sided tape, brick and vinyl siding clips and suction cups to protect your home’s exterior!


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