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A Temporary Help For Blocking Some Draft And Keeping Some Heat In During Winter Months Is To Install Window Film Or Thermal Curtains For Older Or Non-Storm Windows!

Windows are one of the most important features of your home.  They help regulate temperature, offer light and bring in fresh air.  For regulating temperature, they work with your HVAC system to keep in cool or warm air and keep drafts and other elements out.  As a window ages, it loses the ability to do its job well.  When this happens, drafts become far more common, moisture can accumulate and your HVAC system will have to work harder to keep a consistent temperature in your home.  This typically results in higher energy bills and more strain on your heating and cooling system.

Some temporary solutions to scrape by one more winter until you can replace those windows is to apply silicone sealant, add foam tape, use window film or implement thermal curtains.  Keep in mind that sealant and foam tape are more for fixing drafts and do not supply the full coverage benefits of a storm window.

To provide extra oomph for storm windows and even help in situations where you can’t have storm windows (in the case of awning-style or casement windows) is to use polyester film.  It blocks drafts by forming an insulated seal.  It’s easy to install and this film just sits over your window.  You can get some at any local home improvement store and window film is typically inexpensive.

Another quick, temporary fix is to invest in a good pair of thermal curtains.  These are fairly thick, usually two or three layers of fabric, and are combined with an acrylic foam to help guard against drafts and cold.  The cost will depend on brand, type and numerous other factors but, on average, run less than fifty dollars.  A downside is that they truly only work when drawn so if you are noticing significant chill in the day time, you may lose out on some light.

The best solution for windows that have lost function is to replace them.  You can only nurse an old window for so long.  A newer window will be much more energy efficient, block drafts, keep moisture from leaking into the wood and walls, keep energy bills lower and provide a much nicer indoor atmosphere.  It will depend on how old or in disrepair your windows are.


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