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March Is The Best Home Improvement Month

Is it truly?

Yep – you may think that Spring or Summer are the best seasons to get started on those additions, siding replacement and other home improvement projects but it’s actually more money and more hassle.  Why?

Timing – Spring and Summer are actually a home improvement contractor’s busiest time.  You end up fighting for scheduling due to the rush of everyone else trying to get their projects started.  With contractor’s juggling multiple projects at the same time, the risk of mistakes being made also increases.

Save Money – When busy season (typically Spring and Summer) arrives, materials are at a premium.  It’s classic supply and demand.  With so many homeowners attempting to have projects finished, lumber, roofing shingles and other needed materials are highly sought after.  This increased demand means it may take longer to get materials for your project and can spike costs.

A great way to reduce money spent on materials is to either purchase them in the off-season and store them until your project starts or have a contractor begin your home improvement before rush season begins.  This is why March is a great time to get the ball rolling because it hits right before Spring can fully bloom.

Project Picks The Season – When you begin your home improvement project relies heavily on one factor: what the project itself is and what region do you live in.  For instance, it simply won’t work to put in an in-ground pool for your Maine home when the ground is frozen.  However, while most of your neighbors will opt for warmer weather of late Spring, or even early Summer, you can jump the crowd by scheduling your project either two months BEFORE or two months AFTER everyone else.  This helps keep costs low and garners a less distracted contractor focusing on your gig.

Again, the project will dictate the timing.  Having your furnace cleaned for winter is best done in the fall before all of the other homeowners are fighting to squeeze in a tune up right before the temps drop.  Allowing flexibility of time can make a significant difference.

When it comes to the Chicagoland area, you can get a jump on the Spring crowd by speaking with a contractor today.  While everyone will just be lifting their heads from a dreary winter nap this March, you can have your dream project well under way!

At Cousins Construction, we strive to exceed expectations for your new siding, windows or gutter installation.  With decades of experience and only high quality materials, our professionals make sure your home not only looks amazing but provides reliable protection against the harsh elements for years to come.  Whether you need a complete siding replacement or are looking to upgrade your windows to be more energy efficient, Cousins Construction is here to help.  With competitive prices and a free consultation, we can help you explore the best options for your unique home.


Give us a call today at 773.294.7859 to find out what Cousins Construction Siding Experts can do for YOU!

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