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Orland Park Siding Tip 11
Trees, Shrubs & Plants Around Your Home Can Damage Siding So Be Sure To Keep Them Pruned, Plant Them Far Enough Away & Conduct Annual Inspections!

While siding performs the essential function of protecting your home from harsh elements, landscaping makes your space look eye-catching while providing shade and adding to the relaxation of you and your family.  In Orland Park, you can find some of the most beautiful trees, flower and plant specimens populating yards and green space. Trees, plants and shrubs can bring such joy and beauty but can quickly become a hazard if not tended to properly.

Branches can scratch siding and compromise its strength.  When the protective layer of your siding is chipped away, it can speed up the failure of aluminum, vinyl and paint, causing you to need replacement much sooner than you normally would.  Larger branches can become loose and even rip away large portions of your home’s siding.  If the branches of your landscaping push into the siding, this can create gaps or holes in which moisture, insects and other pests can gain access.  Dense greenery can restrict circulation and evaporation causing mold, rot and mildew to form.  Many times, a basement is damp and moldy simply because overgrown, unruly bushes around your home trap moisture in the foundation.

The best preventative measure you can take to keep your foundation strong and your siding performance in peak condition is by effectively pruning all trees, shrubs and plants.  Most trees need pruning every five years but those plants and shrubs around your home should be tended to annually or periodically throughout growing season.  Keep ample space between the exterior walls of your home and any greenery.  You may want to consider ripping out troublesome landscaping or replanting shrubs and bushes to create more space around your home.  If you have no choice but to keep the existing landscape in place, inspect the exterior of your home twice a year to ensure there is no buildup of moisture and no damage to your siding.

When you see damage forming, it may be a wise idea to eliminate or drastically cut back the greenery and have your local Orland Park siding company repair excessive issues.

When planting new plants and trees, be sure to give them enough space to grow without harming your home’s exterior.  A good rule of thumb is to set shrubbery and trees at least ten feet away from a structure.  By keeping your landscaping in check and performing inspections on your home’s siding, you can prevent damage from occurring, save money on repairs and keep your peace of mind!


When you are ready to update the look of your Orland Park home or need help with repair and maintenance, give Cousins Construction a call today at 773.294.7859.  No matter what you are hoping to achieve, we have you covered!

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