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Siding Tips for Palos Hills
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Siding Tips for Palos Hills
To Protect Siding, Make Sure Dryer Vents Face Away From Exterior Walls, Faucets Are Frost Proof And Gutters Are Clear.

As winter begins to settle in, you should check your siding and make sure there is nothing that can damage it during the cold months ahead.  The first thing to do is inspect the siding around your house for cracks, holes or loose boards.  Leaving these issues unaddressed can cause moisture to seep into your structure and pave the way for massive problems down the road.  If you notice significant damage, it may be time to replace all, or entire sections of, defective siding.  For smaller damage, you should be able to seal cracks or small holes with caulk.

Dryer vents release mass amounts of humidity and can blast your siding if not faced properly.  Avoid deteriorating the condition of your siding by making sure any and all dryer vents are facing away from all exterior walls.  Most folks have a faucet on the outside that they use for a hose.  Make sure this, and the pipes around it, are made from frost proof materials to avoid them freezing and bursting.  Before winter, it’s always a good idea to drain all water from any hoses, faucets, fountains, pumps, etc. to prevent water from freezing in them, expanding and creating damage.

One of the biggest culprits for the deterioration of siding is a clogged gutter.  Before the cold months, clear out all of the fall leaves and summer twigs that may have accumulated inside.  Debris getting into gutters can cause leaks, breaks and damage to your gutter system.  Having all of this excess moisture leaking onto your exterior walls can drastically reduce the efficiency of your siding and cause harmful moisture to spread into your home’s structure.  A great way to avoid clogged gutters altogether is to get a Leaf Guard system to place over the top.  This covering prevents debris from taking up residence and allows water to pass freely.  You still need to clear the debris from the top periodically but it is far less daunting a task.

If you can’t clear the gutters yourself, have a friend, family member or neighbor do it for you.  You can even hire a local landscaping company to do a complete fall clean up or hire someone off of Craigslist to do it for a few bucks.  Once your gutters are clear, you’ll have much less to worry about during the frigid winter ahead.



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