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Palos Hills Siding Tip 9
Since Siding Is Crucial To The Water Management System Of Your Home And Absolutely Must Be Installed Correctly, Repair And Installation Are NOT DIY Projects For Quarantine. 

Whether through boredom or simply to save money due to work cutbacks, the Coronavirus quarantine has everyone tackling Do-It-Yourself projects.  While many projects or skills can be learned from a quick YouTube tutorial, there are certain areas that should be handled by professionals only.  One of the biggest is siding.

Certainly, you may feel that a Palos Hills siding company is only telling you this to increase business but the truth is that this is one of the most important areas of your home.  Siding protects the infrastructure of your home from water, which can soften materials or cause harmful mold and mildew to accumulate, weaken and damage that spot or even affect your health.  The point is to keep water OUT of the inner walls of your home so you don’t find yourself with sagging walls, floors and a heap of rot damage.  This is the purpose of siding – to keep the elements – especially water – out of your living space.

Part of helping that siding do its job really, really well is routine maintenance.  By keeping it clean and inspecting it for damage after storms, you can get them repaired faster, save money and stop major issues before they start.  Another critical aspect is how the siding was installed on your Palos Hills home.  If siding is installed incorrectly, it can be useless against protecting it and will let water in to wreak havoc.  Siding installation is a very specific process that absolutely MUST be done properly otherwise you have just wasted a heap of money.

There is also the issue of safety.  There are certain tools required for the job and a lot of ladder work.  An inexperienced person can easily hurt themselves on equipment or by falling from a great height.  This is something to take into consideration when you do anything, not just siding.  It may be tempting to use the quarantine time to handle some big projects but it’s vital to understand what you can and should be tackling yourself.  When it comes to keeping the structure of your Palos Hills home safe, there is no room for error.

For any siding installation or repair that needs to be done in Palos Hills or the surrounding areas, contact a professional.  You will save more money by having siding installed correctly than by trying to cut corners.



When you are ready to update the look of your Palos Hills home or increase your value, give Cousins Constructiona call today at 773.294.7859.  No matter what you are hoping to achieve, we have you covered!

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