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Copy of Premium Vinyl Siding In Chicago Ridge

Vinyl siding is the most affordable siding option, incredibly easy to maintain and lasts a long time with good care.  However, there ARE different kinds of vinyl siding floating around out there and not all of it is the premium siding you should be using for your home.  This cheaper alternative may save you a few bucks on your remodeling project but overall, you are missing the critical components that make true premium siding amazing.

Premium vinyl looks better than its cheaper counterpart.  Cheap vinyl will still look nice but there is a definite difference when compared with better materials.  Installing the cheap vinyl might save you money up front but it does not last as long and will begin to crack, fade and put your home’s structure at risk of exposure to water and debris.  This will simply lead to you needing another siding replacement sooner.  Using premium vinyl siding will keep your home protected and looking great for much longer.

Another great aspect of vinyl siding is how much variety it holds.  With styles such as horizontal lap, shake, insulated, dutch lap, scallops and more, you can give your home a distinct and impressive look.  As far as colors, vinyl siding can come in a vast array of bold colors so you don’t have to settle for a mediocre tone that everyone seems to use.  In fact, most vinyl siding experts have 30, 40 or more colors to choose from.

While larger home improvement projects, such as vinyl siding installation, may scare the average homeowner when it comes to price, the important factor to remember is that your premium siding will last a long while and actually increase the value of your property.  Spending the money on the more durable materials will end up saving you big in the long run.  To find out what premium siding can do for your home, be sure to contact a vinyl siding expert near you for a consultation.  Increasing the value, curb appeal and protection of structure for your home is a simple call away!

When you are ready to update the look of your home or increase your value, give Cousins Construction a call today.  No matter what you are hoping to achieve, we have you covered!

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