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Replace Or Repair Siding

One of the toughest decisions we have as homeowners is whether to repair small sections of our siding or completely replace all of it.  Both options carry some significant pros and cons which are dependent on budget, how old your siding is and what problems you are experiencing in the first place.  Take a deeper look at each option to find the solution that works best for your home…



  • Most cost-effective option
  • Easy to replace
  • Easier to make an exact match – you likely have some of the original siding stored away
  • An extremely quick fix for any siding expert


  • May not be able to find exact color or style match (especially on older siding)
  • Unseen water damage may have affected many sections of siding instead of quick fixes
  • Repair stands out due to old, faded, original siding



  • Drastically improves home appearance – nicer, more eye-catching
  • Raises Your Home’s Value
  • Creates a better seal for your structure against water, insects and elements
  • Increases energy efficiency by doing a better job regulating interior temps
  • Saves money on energy bills


  • Can be quite expensive based on home size and materials chosen
  • If not installed correctly, can let in water and other damage that ruins your structure and could require another complete replacement to fix
  • No siding material is completely impervious to elements or pests and will require diligence and maintenance

With this in mind, make the best decision you can based on your home size, what you can afford and how bad the issues are.  When in doubt, always ask for a consultation with a professional siding company.  They should be able to assess the damage and provide much needed advice, along with an estimate, free of charge.  No matter which option is right for you, always have a trained, insured siding professional handle the repair or replacement.  This reduces the risk of the siding being installed incorrectly, which can cause more damage, and will keep your material warranties in good standing.  Read the guidelines set forth in your siding warranty to make sure you are doing everything possible to keep it active.

To speak with our specialists about what options are best for your home, please contact Cousins Construction at 773.294.7859 today.  From everyone here, please wash your hands, practice social distancing and stay safe!

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