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Siding Tips
Once A Year, Clean Your Siding Using A Stiff Brush And Soapy Water.  Use A Hose To Rinse With Clear Water.

Vinyl siding may not rot as wood siding does but it can definitely become damaged.  Maintaining great looking siding comes down to cleaning and staying on top of repairs.  If you notice any loose boards or damage due to weather or accidents, get those sections replaced or secured as soon as possible.  The longer you leave siding damage unattended, the worse it can get.  Remember to trim any bushes or shrubs away from your siding so they don’t scratch or mar your home’s exterior.

When cleaning your siding, use laundry soap or another mild detergent.  You can also use a TSP substitute which are less abrasive, easier on the environment and safer to handle than traditional TSP cleaners.  A TSP cleaner (Trisodium Phosphate) is a heavy duty outside cleaner that has been known to cause skin and respiratory issues and environmental concerns.  A wonderful TSP substitute is Borax.

To tackle those tough to reach areas, try using a car-wash brush that has a longer handle or even a high pressure hose to knock off pollution and grime.  The color of vinyl siding is a coating that actually permeates the material which keeps it from fading away.  You can paint the siding another color if you wish but remember that you will need to repaint the siding every so often to keep the color up.  Two coats of 100% acrylic latex paint are good to paint over existing vinyl siding colors.



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