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Should You Remove Window Screens For Winter

One of the biggest questions we are asked, especially in the frigid Midwest, is if you should take your window screens out for winter.  Whether you have older or newer windows, taking out the screens can still make a big difference for your home.  Not only does this apply to windows but to patio doors that have screens as well.  Let’s take a look at why removing your screens in winter is the way to go.

Snow Trap – Screens can trap snow on your windowsill for extended periods of time.  Just as moisture can wreak havoc when getting behind your siding, it can cause issues for windows also.  This moisture causes damage to sashes, sills and frames.

Heat Block – Window screens actually block heat from the sun.  Having more access to the natural heat of the sun will warm up rooms significantly.  You’ll notice that your HVAC system has to work less, which reduces strain on the system, and you could lower your energy bills.

Light – Removing a window screen allows 40% more naturally lighting into your home.  Not only does this brighten up your home but can improve your mood in the dreary winter months.

Damage – Winter can bring blustery winds and heavy snow that can cause screen rips and warp the frame.  You may even see your screen bow a bit which causes it to become loose.  Window screens are not meant to support the weight of heavy snowfall.  The wind can also bring dirt and debris that can get caught in the window and cause quite a headache when it comes to cleaning.

PRO TIP:  When you remove your screens, use this as an opportunity to clean them off before storing them away.  This will create less work for you come Spring.  Also, store your screens somewhere where no one will trip or hit them and cause damage.

In certain regions, many homeowners install storm windows to provide an extra barrier against the cold and harsh storms.  If you are planning on installing storm windows for the coming season, you will have to take your screens out anyway.

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your windows and window screens in the best shape possible for as long as feasible.  Take the opportunity of removing your screens to inspect your windows and frames for damage, rot or insect infestation.  If you notice a problem, can see gaps or spaces that will allow cold air into your home or feel a definite draft inside near windows, you will likely need repair or replacement.  In this instance, give your local window experts a call and have them come out to inspect the situation and present you with the right options for your home.

There are definite benefits to removing your window screens in the winter such as saving money, providing more warmth and reducing the need for costly repairs.  Be sure to take the time to pop out those window screens before the first snowfall!

For more information on energy-efficient windows or to have one of our technicians inspect them, please contact Cousins Construction at 773.294.7859 today.  From everyone here, please wash your hands, practice social distancing and stay safe!

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