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Siding Color Considerations
When Picking Vinyl Siding Color, Keep In Mind Where The Siding Is Going, Other Colors Of Your Home, Size & Architecture Of Your Home & Neighborhood Style.

One of the biggest advantages to choosing vinyl siding for your home is the fact that it has a nearly limitless color palette.  With so many options for the tone and hue of your siding color, how can you be sure to pick one that compliments your home?

First of all, where are you installing this siding?  Is it an accent or does it cover the whole house?  If it’s for your whole house, you are free to experiment with colors that fit your personality and individual style.  If the vinyl siding is an accent, be sure to select a color that goes with your home’s dominant color scheme.

Take into account all of the other colors that make up your home.  This means the roof, windows, trim, doors and any accent pieces can help find a nice color wheel to explore.  You definitely don’t want to have your windows and roof colors dramatically clashing with a wild siding color.  It creates an unpleasant assortment to the eye and can appear tacky.

While you want to express your unique tastes, you also may want to compliment the look of your neighborhood.  Notice what color schemes neighbors have used.  If the entire block looks vibrant and cheerful, the last thing you’d want is to be the dull, dark house sticking out like a sore thumb and throwing off curb appeal.  You can still showcase your personality without choosing a wild color you may regret in a couple of years.

Something else to consider is the size and architecture of your home.  Darker colors make small, unnoticeable features pop while lighter colors tend to neutralize something that might seem imposing or cold.  This is why you may notice large homes opt for light and smaller homes look fabulous a darker shade.  The style of your home may also come into play.  For instance, a colonial look may be prime for light colors but consider throwing an accent color with a modern vibe to play off of it.

Still undecided about the color of your vinyl siding?  Your local siding experts offer a free consultation and can help you determine the best options for your unique home!

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