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Palos Hills Siding Repair

Siding has many attractive benefits.  It increases the curb appeal of your home or business, comes in a variety of colors or styles and needs little to no maintenance.  However, siding is not completely immune to falling into disrepair.  Due to extreme weather elements, neglect or vandalism, siding can become severely damaged to the point that it provides zero protection for your home.  In many cases, homeowners opt for a siding repair over completely replacing all of the siding due to cost or life of the rest of the siding.   Here’s what options you might have for a siding repair in Palos Hills…

Patches – Tiny holes, such as those the size of nail heads or slightly larger, can easily be repaired without having to replace entire boards.  It’s a simple fix involving caulk and isn’t noticeable unless you stand fairly close.  The only thing you have to be cautious of is trying to match the color to the siding so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.  If you have far too many holes, it may be easier just to replace the board after all.

Significant Damage – Sometimes a section of your siding is severely damaged due to weather, shoddy installation or accidents.  Your boards may simply have come unhooked and fallen down or they may have sustained cracks and breaks.  Luckily, a few broken boards do not mean you have to redo all of the siding from your home.  Using special tools, your siding repair expert can free the board and replace that section.

Because these fixes are usually only in a few areas, you can expect siding repair to go fairly quickly.  One of the best things you can ever do for your home is to have extra siding boards on hand.  When you have new siding installed, consider buying a few extra boards to store in your garage.  This way, if you ever need to replace a board, it will match the rest of your siding otherwise you stand the risk of having a repair stand out.  Dye lots vary from each batch of siding produced so it is possible to buy the exact same siding and have it be a shade lighter or darker than your original lot.

Having your Palos Hills siding repair experts address broken, cracked or misaligned boards is fast and easy.  With how efficient and affordable it truly is, there is really no reason to not have your siding properly maintained.  Contact your local siding installation company and have someone come out to address your damage.  Tackling damage before it gets worse keeps water from leaking into the structure of your home and causing massive damage down the road.


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