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Spring Cleaning Your Siding

Even though the grasp of winter is not quite gone, spring is closer than you know!

One of the most ideal times of year to make sure the exterior of your home is in great shape is the spring.  You don’t have the bitter cold or blazing hot weather making work unbearable and can keep your home protected and looking stunning for warm weather season.  Your siding takes quite a beating as it keeps your family cool in the summer, warm in the winter and dry year ’round.  Taking a few minutes to clean and inspect it can save you money on replacement or hefty repairs.

Clean Siding

Either you or a hired professional should clean your home’s siding.  Using a power washer is great but be careful not to use it on a high pressure setting.  High pressure can cause damage to wood fibers, damage or knock loose siding panels and push dirt and water behind vinyl siding, planks or cracks in brick mortar which can cause a serious mold infestation inside your walls.  This type of infestation can rot your materials and weaken the structure of your home not to mention cause significant health issues.  High pressure can also chip paint, tear screens and find its way into the door or window seals of your home.

Make sure whomever is doing the cleaning knows how to do it properly and AVOIDS using high pressure to clean.  Check out our handy tips How To Use A Pressure Washer To Clean Siding the proper way!

Paint Siding

In the case of wood siding, you can always give it a fresh coat of paint after cleaning and prepping.  This is great if you notice that your wood siding paint is chipping.  Take note that this step only applies to WOOD siding.

Inspect Siding

After you’ve cleaned your siding, look for cracks or damage.  Re-apply color-matched exterior caulk as needed or hire siding experts to maintain and repair damaged sections.  Fixing loose panels and leaks now can prevent damage from spreading or accumulating too much moisture.

When it comes to the exterior of your home, regular maintenance of your siding can prolong it’s life and keep your home protected for years to come.  If you think you may need a professional to inspect your siding for damage or if you are considering sprucing up your curb appeal, contact Cousins Construction Siding Experts.  Spring is the perfect time to install new siding before thick humidity and oppressive heat come along!

When you are ready to update the look of your home or increase your value, give Cousins Construction a call today.  No matter what you are hoping to achieve, we have you covered!

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