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The Thanksgiving Checklist

With turkey day coming up swiftly, our thoughts may be chock-full of celebrations, errands and prep.  While we may be hastily crossing items off of our to-do’s, your home has a checklist all its own.  There are many things that need preparation for the winter and your home is no different.  Thanksgiving is the perfect marker to make sure you’ve done what it takes to keep your home adequately maintained and ready to face another year!

Power Washing – Your home needs a nice bath.  Seriously.  Power washing your home’s exterior and windows doesn’t simply brighten up the look but can prevent mold and mildew growth.  These things FEED on dirt and gross grime.  Take care when power washing that you don’t damage siding or other components.  There are different pressure nozzles available to accommodate a wide variety of exterior finishes.  If you don’t feel comfortable determining what’s best for your home, hire a professional who can clean it properly.

Repair Or Replace Siding – As trees grow bare and decorative lawn ornaments are stored away, more attention is brought to the siding of your home.  If you notice cracks, bubbles, gaps, mold or any other damage to your siding, now is the perfect time to have it checked out by a siding professional.  Not only does it make your home more visually appealing but it can prevent more insidious damage from occurring.  Damaged siding lets moisture into your home’s structure, which can weaken it and even grow harmful mold that can cause health issues.  It’s important to get siding fixed immediately.

Repair Or Replace Windows – If you notice drafts, gaps, cracks or even condensation inside your windows, it’s time to get them looked at.  Have a window expert inspect your windows and frames to decide if you need a simple repair or if they have lost function and require replacement.  Leaky windows not only let moisture into your home but they can cause your HVAC system to work harder than it needs to, putting unnecessary strain that could lead to costly repairs.  You’ll also be spending much more on your energy bills because that hot or cold air is sifting right outside.  You want the best efficiency possible from your windows so low function is a definite no go.

The Right Time – This is it.  Around Thanksgiving is the perfect time to squeeze in those final exterior home projects.  While the weather may be colder, it’s much better than the snow and bitter winds ushered in by December and beyond.  When having siding or windows replaced, you definitely don’t want the 10 degree weather of winter rushing in.  Take advantage of the last weather before the plunge and finish up those projects!

It may not be something in the forefront of your mind during the holidays but this checklist for your home is vital.  Not only does it affect the comfort level of your home environment but it can lower your energy bills and put less strain on essential systems.  Give your home the gift it deserves and perform the maintenance it needs to stay strong and look fantastic!

For more information on energy-efficient windows, quality siding or to have one of our technicians inspect your home’s exterior, please contact Cousins Construction Schaumburg at 773.294.7859 today.  From everyone here, please wash your hands, practice social distancing and stay safe!

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