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The Truth About Vinyl Siding

You expected some big, dark secret exposing vinyl siding as a fraud, didn’t you?

Fortunately, there is nothing of the sort to be said about vinyl siding for your home.  You may have heard many pros about vinyl siding over the years and wondered if it truly is ideal for your home.  The siding you choose is going to be primarily based on your budget and personal preference.  Take a quick look at why vinyl siding is the dominant choice for homeowners across the United States:

  • It’s a second skin for your home! It protects you against the elements but vinyl siding has so many designs to choose from.  Colors, textures, etc. – you can truly transform your home’s appearance.
  • Vinyl siding is EXTREMELY easy to clean and maintain!  A simple garden hose, soft brush and some mild cleaner will do the trick.
  • It’s so durable and heat/cold/moisture resistant that it can last up to 40 years no problem!  Many manufacturers even offer lifetime warranties for their product.
  • It maintains more than 80% of its value!  This means that you can resell it for 80% of what it costs.  This is great when you are looking to sell your home – it keeps value and sweetens the asking price.
  • You don’t need to paint vinyl siding!  Cleaning it every once in awhile is more than enough upkeep.  Unlike some other types of siding, you won’t need to repaint vinyl – unless you are looking to completely change the color.
  • Vinyl siding is practically indestructable!  The industry has come a long way since vinyl siding first appeared.  It’s been improved to the point that it is fade-resistant, insect and water proof.  As long as no major accidents or natural disasters happen – it’s near Superman durability.
  • It costs far less than wood siding, brick, stucco and stone!  Many factors can differ – from company to product – but, on average, you’re looking to spend (including installation) between $2 to $8 per square foot or roughly $200 to $700 per siding square.  This is a big reason why vinyl siding appeals to homeowners – it’s much easier on the wallet.

There are few, if any, true downsides to vinyl siding.  It’s easy to care for, eco-friendly and costs far less than the majority of options on the market.  Truly, the deciding factors for what skin you install on your home is going to come down to what you like and what you can afford.  Be sure to shop around for a siding installation company.  Always talk to several to compare pricing and be sure to check their legitimacy with the BBB and performance with referrals or reviews.  Your siding installation tech can consult with you on styles and colors to choose from for your new vinyl siding!

To speak with our specialists about what options are best for your home, please contact Cousins Construction at 773.294.7859 today.  From everyone here, please wash your hands, practice social distancing and stay safe!

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