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What Kind Of Siding Is Best

You already know that siding is important to keeping the structure of your home safe and giving your exterior massive curb appeal but do you know what type of siding you need?  There are many different forms of siding and when you introduce decorative pieces, it can all get a bit overwhelming.  You can research all of this on your own or work with a professional siding installation company.

Siding contractors know about every type of siding material and style while simultaneously being experts in the maintenance and installation of it all.  They replace old siding and shingles and repair damaged areas of vinyl, wood, fiberglass, aluminum and cement fiber siding.  This is where your local siding experts come in handy.  What works best for your home, needs and budget is something your siding installation company can help you make a more informed decision about.

Popular Choices:

Vinyl Siding

  • PROS:  Low cost, easy installation, wide variety of color options
  • CONS:  Not waterproof, vulnerable to extreme weather

Cement Fiber Siding

  • PROS:  Fireproof, water resistant, weatherproof, pest proof, looks like real wood, near unlimited colors
  • CONS:  Higher installation costs

Engineered Wood Siding

  • PROS:  Costs less than natural wood siding, resistant to pests/mold/mildew, impact resistant, handles extreme temps, green building material
  • CONS:  Must be repainted regularly every 3 – 10 years and surface coating meticulously maintained

There are quite a few other siding choices for your home besides the three listed above.  While your budget will play a part in what materials you should use, the biggest indicators will be what region you live in and what needs you want to fulfill.  For instance, the weather in Portland is vastly different from Palos Hills so the different temperatures and fronts will call for different materials needing to be used.  It also makes a difference in what you are hoping to achieve.  If you want to be more environmentally friendly or keep pests away, these will factor heavily into what will work best for your exterior.

At Cousins Construction Siding Experts, all of these indicators are addressed in order to find the perfect siding for your home.  Our siding professionals understand that this is an investment in your future and should be given the care and attention it deserves.  We strive to satisfy all of your siding, window and gutter installation and repair needs while exceeding your expectations for amazing customer service.  Ask us about our decorative siding options!

When you are ready to update the look of your home or increase your value, give Cousins Construction a call today.  No matter what you are hoping to achieve, we have you covered!

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