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What To Expect During Window Installation

The windows of your home are more than just a way to let in some fresh air and sunlight.  Windows can keep out bad elements, harmful moisture and even save energy which will cost you less when that utility bill comes around.  Keeping your windows well-maintained is important but, eventually, you will need to replace them in order to keep your home safe, sound and cozy.  What should you expect from a window installation and what can you do to help it go smoothly?

On Site – An adult should be home when the installers come to work.  This is mainly for two reasons – first, so any questions can be answered or decisions made quickly and second, to reduce the risk of items being moved, broken or tampered with.  You don’t need to hover over the worker’s shoulders, they need a little space to do the best they can, but you should be fairly close by.

Post-Its – It’s a great idea to leave post-its with specific instructions for the window team on the wall near the windows.  For instance, if you would like to save the old window, leave a post-it that says “Please save old window”.  This cuts down on communication errors and serves as a polite reminder to your window installation crew.

Confirm – Be sure to confirm date and time with the salesperson or appointment setter a few days before installation.

Walk-Through – When the team arrives, confer with the foreman or crew leader about each window to ensure that the company ordered the correct materials.  Also be sure that they will use drop cloths on the inside.  If you have a flower bed or landscape you wish to preserve, have a drop cloth placed over it as well.  Window installation does not produce much dust so you should not need a dust barrier.

Installation – Don’t be alarmed by the cacophony created during a window installation.  The crew needs to remove the old windows, stack them outside and begin the process of installing the new ones.  This can include cutting rope weights, leveling with shims and nailing into place.  The workers fall into a groove and don’t need supervision but it’s a good idea to periodically touch base with the foreman to make sure the project is on track and no issues arise.

Multi-Day Project – If your window installation project is large and extends beyond a single day, make sure no windows are removed and left.  You don’t want windows boarded over.  Instead, insist that each window is either replaced with a new one or the old one is left in place until the next morning.  There should also be no tools left in your home at the end of each day and old windows should be moved outside.

Finish Work – Once the windows are replaced, the team will begin installing exterior trim around them.  This cladding is important because it provides a tight seal against the elements.  Some homeowners may choose to do this themselves or have someone else handle the trim work.  If this is the case, make sure the foreman is aware that they are not doing the exterior trim work before the project even begins and that your contract reflects the correct work the crew is set to do.  While you or another adult do not need to be present for exterior trim work, it’s a good idea in order to address any issues that may spring up.

Test – Before the crew leaves, do another walk-through with the foreman and make sure they are all tested properly and work without issue.  Also be sure that your home is clean and no tools or debris are left behind.

Do your research and check references and reviews prior to booking a window installation company.  They should be professional at all times, respectful of your space and experienced enough to handle any situation.  This is a significant investment for your home so you want to be sure that it’s handled correctly.

Our Cousins Construction Window Installation team have over two decades of experience installing, repairing and maintaining windows throughout Chicagoland.  With top quality and energy efficient products, a wide array of styles and competitive pricing, our experts make sure you have the right windows for your home and that they are installed the right way.   Cousins Construction strives to provide amazing customer service so your complex window process goes smoothly and without complication.  Isn’t it time to have the innovative and efficient service you deserve?

If you have any questions about window installation and what options are best for your home, please contact Cousins Construction at 773.294.7859 today.  From everyone here, please wash your hands, practice social distancing and stay safe!

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