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When Is The Best Time To Install Siding

When it comes to siding installation and replacement, there are certain expectations you have regarding this most important aspect of your home.  Siding is an investment designed to protect the structure of your home as well as provide a more comfortable interior environment for your family.  There may be quite a few decisions to be made and options to choose from when it comes to siding but what time of year it is installed can play a part as well.

Of course, you can have siding installed at any time of year – even in winter – but scheduling for the fall significantly reduces the risk of damage to siding and issues arising down the road.

Spring and summer are when siding contractors are the busiest so it may be harder to get on the schedule.  The summer heat also tends to soften vinyl siding which can make it a little more difficult to install.  You can choose another siding option, such as fiber cement, but it will cost a great deal more than vinyl.  The spring brings its own set of difficulties.  A season more prone to heavy rain during installation could result in moisture becoming trapped beneath the siding and producing harmful mold.  Depending on the siding you choose, the contractor may have to take special precautions during the spring season.  For instance, if you choose cedar siding, it has to be treated prior to installation or it can become vulnerable to damage from moisture.

It is definitely possible to install siding during the winter but the cold can make vinyl brittle.  This is definitely not helpful when you have to use fasteners to install.  You can choose a different siding option, like fiber cement, but, again, the cost is significantly higher.  You will have to gauge your decision based on budget, time frame and comfort level with the contractor you choose.  There is also the risk of extra wasted material trying to battle through a winter install.  It’s because of this that many exterior home improvement companies, such as siding and roofing, may close for a few weeks in the winter and reopen early spring.

No matter what time of year you have siding installed, a reputable contractor will take the necessary precautions to ensure your project is completely accurately and successfully.  While the fall season may present the best weather possible to limit the amount of risks during installation, you should select the time that works best for your goals.  Your budget, schedule and other pressing factors might dictate a more immediate siding install.

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