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When Selecting Vinyl Siding
When It Comes To Shopping For Vinyl Siding, Important Factors To Consider Are Insulation, Color Match And Thickness.

Most homeowners often opt for the easy maintenance and sustainability of vinyl siding.  You might think the biggest choice you have is the color of your home’s new look but there are some other aspects you should take into consideration.

Something to consider is if you would like to choose an insulated or non-insulated option.  The only difference between the two is that insulated vinyl siding comes with an additional layer of foam core on the back.  They are the same shape and have the same level of durability and sustainability otherwise.  The main reason to choose insulated vinyl siding is that it simply adds another layer of protection for your home.  Essentially, it provides extra OOMPH for keeping cold air inside during the summer and warm air inside during the winter, which help keep your energy costs even lower.  Another benefit is that it resists bumps and dents better than standard vinyl siding.

Keep in mind that non-insulated vinyl siding drains water better and is easier to install.

Probably the most fun when it comes to picking out new siding is selecting a color.  Vinyl siding has hundreds of color options to choose from and will not need to be repainted or suffer horrendous fading like other siding material.  You can even select ones that resemble wood.  The reason why color stays longer with vinyl siding is because the color runs through the entire material.  It isn’t just a layer on top like other material options.  While it may lighten a bit due to so many direct hours of sun exposure, overall the color lasts much longer.

When it comes to selecting color though – be aware of your trim color as well.  You want your siding color and the trim color to compliment each other.  With vinyl siding, a safe bet is to choose trim of the same color as your siding or a white trim that provides much cleaner, crisp contrast.  Beige or gray siding tend to look dingy and can throw off most colors.

 One other thing you should consider is the thickness of your siding.  As a general rule, thicker siding usually means better quality.  For instance, thicker siding will stay much stronger in extreme weather and can actually resist color fading from sun exposure better than a thinner siding.  While the industry standard requires vinyl siding to be AT LEAST .035 inches thick, you may want to consider panels more like .04 thick.

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