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Why Should You Choose Vinyl Siding?

When it comes to home exteriors, there are many options to choose from.  Of those, it all comes down to budget and preference.  The majority of homeowners (who don’t have brick homes) are galloping towards premium vinyl siding but is this the right decision for YOU?  Here are the reasons people are choosing to have vinyl siding installed…

LONG-LASTING:  Constructed from PVC plastic resin, vinyl siding is extremely durable and surprisingly strong.  It doesn’t rust, conduct electricity, warp, chip or rot (like wood) and it holds up against the elements.  It can withstand winds of 110 mph or above and can withstand most impact.  This is often why you will get a lifetime warranty on it.

VERSATILITY:  The sheer amount of textures, colors and designs you can get in vinyl siding can be staggering.  It isn’t like most materials where you are limited on the look so you may be sharing the same design as thousands of others.  You can really customize your home’s look to be unique and showcase exactly how you would like it to.  Horizontal, vertical, different widths… your home can become your canvas and really pop with elegance.

GREEN:  Unlike most materials, vinyl siding requires less water and energy to make than fiber cement and less than half the energy and fuel used to make good ‘ole brick and mortar.  It beats cedar siding on ecological toxicity and meets, or exceeds, requirements for most state and association green construction codes.  You can even make vinyl siding more energy efficient by using insulated siding.  Acting as a great insulator against extreme temperatures, you can save money on energy costs.

EASY MAINTENANCE:  Vinyl siding is extremely easy to upkeep – it requires very little effort.  The color rarely fades because it goes all the way through the material and, so, it will never peel, flake or scratch like painted surfaces.  If fading does occur, it’s usually a panel here or there that can be easily replaced.  Vinyl siding should be cleaned once a year – a power washer or hose will do – and the only common damage that needs repairs are holes or cracks.  When these occur, simply contact your local siding repair expert to replace damaged panels.  Vinyl siding does NOT attract termites or pests.

COST-EFFECTIVE:  Vinyl siding is incredibly cost-effective.  It isn’t expensive like brick and, when you factor in the long life and low maintenance, is one of the most reasonable and affordable exteriors for your home.  Any improvement projects are an investment in your home so while it may be a chunk of change up front, it more than pays for itself within a few years.

THE DRAWBACKS:  Vinyl siding can melt or crack so keep heat sources away and be careful when steering that lawn mower or snow blower.  Honestly, the biggest drawbacks come down to installation.  If your siding is not installed correctly, it an blow loose in big winds or let water inside the structure to rot or infest.  Make sure that whomever you hire to install your premium vinyl siding is licensed, insured and knowledgeable.  Check with the Better Business Bureau, online reviews or even connect with previous customers directly.  You want to be positive that your vinyl siding is done correctly to prevent bigger issues down the line that could cost you an entire siding replacement.

In the end, what you choose comes down to personal preference and how much you want to invest in the exterior of your home.  Do your research before hiring a siding contractor and look up color, texture and style choices so you have a better idea of what you want installed.  If you choose vinyl siding, with proper care, you can expect a long-lasting addition to your home.

When you are ready to update the look of your home or increase your value, give Cousins Construction a call today.  No matter what you are hoping to achieve, we have you covered!

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