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Why You Should Replace Your Windows In The Winter

Afraid of having your windows replaced in the winter?  You shouldn’t be.

In fact, winter may just be an ideal time to schedule a window replacement.  There are no true downsides to replacing windows in the winter compared to the summer.  It truly comes down to personal preference and while the thought of having blasts of cold air infiltrate your home while the process is being carried out isn’t ideal, the cost and flexibility might just cause you to change your mind.

Winter window installation can save you big money.  Winter is technically considered the “off-season” for window companies so they are often more competitive when it comes to gaining your business.  They are more likely to offer discounts or even pass on special upgrades straight from their suppliers.  This lull in their flow is music to your wallet.

Since it is the slow season for window companies, you will find a much more flexible schedule.  There isn’t a glut of people waiting for installation days and times so you have better options to fit your own schedule.  This can be a huge time-saver, especially if you have family coming in for the holidays or vacation plans.  Even if you have a smaller project, it’s better to have it performed in the winter when you have a choice of contractors instead of getting stuck on a long wait list in busy season.

Contrary to popular belief, your house will NOT suffer freezing temps while the project is being carried out.  Of course you will experience more cold than usual but exposure time is limited.  To aid in keeping your home from becoming a meat locker, ask the window expert about using floor to ceiling plastic to reduce colder air siphoning in.  If the installation team installs one window at a time, this will also significantly reduce the time and amount of cold in your home.  For added protection, if it is possible, keep the door to that room closed to isolate weather exposure.

With advancements in materials and the application process in this field, there are sealants that are built for cold weather installations.  Your window replacement technicians will know what sealants are perfect for the situation, factoring in waterproofing and weather conditions.  Typically, sealants that have a high joint movement to accommodate expansion and contraction will be used.

Sure, you will experience a slight dip in temperature during the installation but, after it’s completed, you should see a definite drop in your energy bills.  This is one of the biggest reasons homeowners switch their windows out is protection against the weather and saving money on energy bills.  Newer windows will make every room more comfortable and keep in heat and AC better, meaning your HVAC system has to work less and not waste so much energy.  It also reduces the wear and tear on your HVAC system, allowing it to last longer overall.

When it comes to replacing your windows to protect your home and save big money, consider scheduling a winter installation.  You end up with the same quality job as in summer only likely with better pricing and much more flexibility to your personal schedule.  Don’t let Father Winter frighten you off from the perks of off season window replacement!

To speak with our specialists about what options are best for your home, please contact Cousins Construction at 773.294.7859 today.  From everyone here, please wash your hands, practice social distancing and stay safe!

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