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Window Repair In Chicago

The only thing you can say about Chicago weather with absolute certainty is that it is completely unpredicatable.

An anomaly to visitors and a way of life for native Chicagoans, the extreme shift in temperature and heavy storms are just as much a part of the tapestry of this Midwestern hub as hot dogs and the Sears Tower.  While this weather can have advantages – such as barbecuing on a 60 degree day in February – it can also cause some drastic damage to our home’s exterior.

One of the biggest disadvantages is the damage inflicted on our windows.  Swinging shifts in temperature, especially extreme levels of cold, can cause stress or pressure cracks and impact breaks.  They may start out as small fissures in your window but if you find yourself overcompensating by cranking up the heat, this is a serious problem.  Damaged, low quality windows or even ones that haven’t been installed correctly, seriously compromise the function and structure of the window itself.  If your window isn’t doing its intended job, your energy bills will skyrocket and your home’s structure is likely to fall prey to built up moisture that can cause mold or weaken it.

How do you prevent cracks from occurring in the first place?

Professionally Inspected – Have your local window expert inspect the condition of your windows.  They will be able to tell if it was installed correctly, if it’s sealed properly and if the window is of a poor quality to begin with.  These are all factors that contribute to stress cracks in freezing temps.

Weatherization – It’s important to properly weatherize your windows and doors each season.  For exterior protection use exterior grade caulk around your windows.  Make sure that any old caulk is removed and then clean and dry the area before applying a new layer.  On the interior of your home, use weather stripping on windows and doors to reduce drafts and protect against the cold.

High Quality – The best decision you can make regarding your windows is by choosing high quality in the first place.  Double-paned or higher can protect against cracks and are far more energy efficient.  Remember that a high quality window can last many years so think of it as investment in your home.  Low quality windows may be cheaper but they incur damage easier, need to be replaced more often and end up costing you more in precious energy bills.  Also, have those windows installed by a licensed and experienced window installation company.  Getting your window installed correctly goes a long way in keeping it functioning at peak condition.

What is the best thing you can do to protect your home?  Take action immediately.

If you notice damage to your windows or find that it is taking far more heat to keep your home warm, your windows are likely compromised.  Jump into action and contact your window repair experts to inspect them.  By having a professional evaluate your window condition, you will know if they need a simple fix or complete replacement.  Understanding where your windows are failing is important in protecting the structure of your home and saving you money in the long run.


The protection and beauty your home deserves is just a phone call away – contact our Cousins Construction Window Repair Experts at 773.294.7859 today!

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